The Pollinators Curriculum Kit


Why do we need bees?
Discover why BEES are important to our world in this photo-filled nonfiction book for budding young scientists. Does the buzzing of a bee make you want to run away? Well, those little insects do a lot more than sting! They help pollinate a lot of plants. We wouldn’t have honey without them. And we’ve learned a lot from the homes they build. With eye-catching photos, quick facts, and beyond-the-book back matter, Why Do We Need Bees? will have young researchers and science fans exploring more about NATURE WE NEED. Paperback.

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Pollinator Protector Activity Kit features a Wildflower Seed Pop that grows a small pollinator-friendly garden. As the garden grows, the included Activity Mat encourages kids to color in the flowers they see, and a Sticker Sheet enables them to add visiting pollinators to the Mat. A Pollinator Protector Merit Badge recognizes the work done to better the planet.

Weighted Bee Sensory Tool: This big bee weighs 4+lbs and is 15”long! Perfect for providing a calming and grounding, multi-sensory learning experience.

Honey Butter Crunch DIY Slime Kit: This amazing slime is a layered slime with a pie crust scented snow fizz bottom, a thick clay heavy honey butter scented base and just the perfect amount of “honey drizzle” with a miniature honey dipper stick. 6oz slime which will inflate when add-ins are mixed in, please use enclosed deli container to store surplus slime. Includes slime activator spray!

Rulers of the Hive: It’s good to be a queen bee! The queen bee lets the other bees in the hive feed and care for her. What does she do? She lays eggs! A queen bee can lay more than 1,000 eggs a day! Take a look at the social structure inside a bee hive and the important role the queen and the female worker bees play.

Restore nature’s floor with our Pulp Bee Kit. Includes non-invasive Bee-friendly wildflower seeds, paper pulp bumblebee, wooden marker and colored pencils. After being colored in, the paper pulp serves as a plant marker for your wildflower garden. Your bumblebee is backyard compostable!

bee seed kit

Explore the handmade goods we can produce from bees like honey soap and then taste a honey stick! Adaptive curriculum digital PDF guide included. Thank you for shopping small. 🐝