CordaRoy’s Sensory Nest and Crash Pad


Embark on an exciting sensory journey with CordaRoy’s Sensory Nest and Crash Pad. This adaptive curriculum kit is designed to cater to diverse needs, fostering sensory exploration, motor skills development, and relaxation for students in kindergarten through 12th grade. Transforming from a nest to a crash pad, these versatile tools offer a dynamic platform for inclusive and engaging activities within the classroom setting. Provide students with rich sensory experiences while promoting physical activity, social interaction, and emotional well-being. CordaRoy’s Sensory Nest and Crash Pad, with its dual functionality, serves as flexible tools for a variety of inclusive activities.

What is NEST? NEST is our first convertible chair with a defined top and bottom and yes, you’ll instantly feel the safety, security and comforts of home the second you fall back into your very own NEST. Featuring a luxuriously plush faux fur cover that feels like being hugged by your favorite fluffy blanket! Not only is it soft and cuddly, but it’s also machine-washable for easy care. 

The giant pillow provides head, neck and back support and is completely removable when you need to wash your outer cover. We also added pockets and a handy handle on the back to make it easy to drag around to your favorite locations.

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Converts to crash pad 54 x 75 inches.
As a sensory nest chair: 42 inches diameter.