The Mystery of the Unicorn Curriculum Kit Grades 4+


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The History and the Mystery of the Unicorn… Hands-On Curriculum Kit

This PDF printable curriculum kit is aligned with Common Core State Standards for grades 5, 6 and 7.
Easily adaptable based on your student’s needs. Designed with 4th-8th graders in mind.
Fun worksheets and excellent resources provided; virtual online tours & research opportunities.

Examples include:

Writing a thesis statement.
5 Paragraph Essay Outline
Writing an opinion piece in 5 paragraph essay format.
Long Division Practice & Dividing Decimals
Opportunities for independent research and critical thinking.
Informative text provided in various formats.

Hands-on learning tools designed to provide a kinesthetic learning experience.

Especially helpful for students with traits of ADHD, SPD or ASD! Improve manual dexterity and create masterpieces with provided art kits.

Kit includes a beautiful globe for students to gain perspective on unfamiliar locations of ancient civilizations.

Attractive and durable, 12″ globe ball, with solid hardwood base.

Unicorn Latch Hook Kit – Made in the USA! Make and display your own vibrant unicorn latch-hook.

Unicorn String Art: String art can be very calming, relieve stress, increase brain function and improve mood.

Diamond Embroidery Facet Advanced Art Kit

Use the Diamond Dotz Stylus to pick up a tiny dot and place it onto the matching square on the sticky print. This activity requires patience, manual dexterity and more patience. A terrific activity for older students who have occupational therapy goals or benefit from a repetitive craft.

Please note: This is a secular curriculum that does include a broad description of text found in the Hebrew Bible from ancient times. The author does not intend to include or exclude any particular faith or belief system. All information provided is intended to inform, not persuade. Please email us at if you have any questions or concerns!