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Hands-On Science Bundle + Lesson Plans Ages 8+

Hands-On Science Bundle + Lesson Plans Ages 8+


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Just Add Sun™ Solar Science + Art

Use the sun’s energy to heat up a tasty treat in this solar oven! Melt s’mores, make nachos, or even cook an egg with the power of the sun and the Just Add Sun Solar Science and Art Kit. Learn how solar energy works and introduce kids to eco-friendly energy alternatives. Learn how the energy of the sun can be used for heating objects as well as cooking food. Experiment with sunlight, heat transfer, reflection, and more! Plus learn to ‘upcycle’ items to create fantastic art! Supplies and complete instructions included. Includes nine experiments and art activities.

NGSS Aligned Engineering Curriculum Cooking With the Sun Lesson Plan

Just Add Glue™ Science + Art

An exciting science and art kit that is sure to stretch your imagination! Create different forms of super stretchy polymers and make them bounce! Create putties that can be picked up, stretched, and even rolled into a ball that bounces. Using the same ingredients create an array of creative crafts that you can keep, like crystals and window clings! Learn about states of matter including liquids and polymers. A basic introduction to chemistry and material engineering for ages 6 and up with adult supervision. Includes two (2) keepsakes containers for putties.

Download Polymer Synthesis Lesson Plan

Just Add Milk™ Science + Art 

Just add milk™ introduces natural scientific reactions in a curious and colorful way! Create your own natural science experiments with some at home ingredients. Just add the milk! Learn a brief introduction to surface tension and experiment with other ingredients around the house such as food coloring, soda pop, vinegar, and glue! Create a wonderful display of exploding color and save your tie-dye designs on the sheets of heavy absorbency paper included in the kit (measuring 5″ x 7″). Create more colorful designs and turn them into mouse pads and window sun-catchers (instructions included).

Download Milk Rainbow Surface Tension Lesson Plan

Clean Water Science

This hands-on science experiment is a great educational product for classrooms and science programs. Hands-on learning about desalination, filtration, solar power and more.

Download Filtering Water Lesson Plan

Just Add Sugar bio-organic STEAM kit & Crystal Geode Kit

This bio-organic STEAM kit will inspire the artist and scientist alike. Make your own candy, sugar cubes and then clean up with your own homemade soaps. Includes card stock, rules booklet, food coloring, silicon tray, paint, white glycerin, syringe, and reusable box. Adult supervision required. Learn about crystallization and supersaturation.

Download Sugar Lesson Plan Grades 3 – 7

Sugar Crystal Lab Via (EP Curriculum)