Sensory Peanut Stability Ball


Deep pressure applied when sitting, lying across or leaning on the ball calms, relaxes and quiets kids giving a sense of security and well-being.

FOCUS: Soothing effect relieves anxiety and restlessness and improves concentration and behavior in the classroom and at home

ALTERNATIVE SEATING: Used as a chair the dipped sitting “saddle” position enables greater stability than a traditional ball chair while developing balance and coordination

SENSORY TOOL: Provides sensory comfort and therapeutic support for all kids including those with ADHD, motor delays, autism, and sensory processing disorders

IMPROVE BALANCE: Sitting, bouncing, and rocking front to back and side-to-side strengthens muscles and help develop core strength

EASY INFLATION: Includes pump, 2 stoppers, and a stopper remover

36×20” (91x51cm)

Maximum weight of 350 lbs (159 kg)

Safety Tested – Latex and phthalate free

For ages 3+
Made in China