The SWNX® Foot Swing is a unique product that helps boost concentration in physically active school children. Many children often find it difficult to calm down, sit still and be patient, especially after play and creative activities. In certain situations, e.g. at mealtimes, during concentrated work, learning, laying a jigsaw or attending social gatherings, particularly active children disturb other children around them. SWNX® allows children to move as they concentrate on their work without disturbing their classmates. Our experience with SWNX tells us that not only particularly active children, but also very passive children who tend to daydream during quiet activities, concentrate for longer when using the SWNX®. SWNX® Foot Swing is specially designed for school children (6+) and children’s furniture. SWNX® allows motorically restless children to alleviate their urge to move – in an appropriate fashion. When seated on a chair at this age, a child’s feet do not reach the floor. This being so, the child may be restless and find it difficult to focus and learn. SWNX® provides children with a reliable contact surface that improves their grounding.

Many students learn best while doing and the SWNX provides valuable vestibular stimulation. Vestibular stimulation is very powerful as a tool for self-soothing and focusing attention. At The Sensory Site, we believe that all children (and big kids too!) should be provided a multisensory learning experience. Students on an IEP especially benefit from accommodations and equipment designed to support stimming. Please reach out to if you need support obtaining these type of accommodations for your student.