Penguins on Ice™ Math Activity Set


Cool penguins reinforce counting, patterning, sorting, operations, and base ten! Features ice bars that hold up to 10 penguins each. Ice bars can connect in 2 ways: horizontally (to form a number line up to 100) or vertically (to form a hundred grid).


  • 10 plastic ice bars
  • 100 plastic penguins in 10 colors
  • Activity guide

Each ice bar measures 12”L x 1”H

Grades: Kindergarten +

Common Core State Standards Alignment: Operations & Algebraic Thinking, Numbers & Operations, Counting & Cardinality

Learning Style: Tactile, Visual

Skill Development:

Basic Concepts – Use these rubber penguins to teach basic concepts like color identification, matching, and identifying similarities and differences.

Math – March these penguins all in a row to introduce AB patterning! Up to 10 students can practice this skill – hand them each a bar and a handful of penguins to create a simple reoccurring pattern.

Fine Motor – To get these penguins to stand at attention, students use manual skills to pick them up one by one, turn and flip to position them and then hold them and firmly push each on the pegs of the ice bars. This helps students practice fine motor skills like pincer grasp, eye-hand coordination, and finger and hand strength.