Mud Kitchen and Beyond Curriculum


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Mud Kitchens and Beyond Curriculum Handbook

Mud, mud, glorious mud! There is nothing quite like it for learning opportunities and a mud kitchen can be a key element of outdoor continuous provision. After all, mud is good for children! It connects them with nature and provides open-ended sensory experiences. This handbook is designed to give early years educators some starting points for developing children’s interest in a mud kitchen throughout the year. The 50 innovative and exciting ideas in this book can be used by beginners to create a mud kitchen and those who already have a mud kitchen in place. The activities promote high-quality learning and can be used flexibly to follow the needs and interests of the children.

Mud Kitchen Activity Cards

Inspire children to get creative in the mud kitchen! With lots of muddy recipes to choose from, including a Gruffalo stew, seafood platter, and the classic mud pie, children will be eager to get mixing, blending, baking and creating! Each card includes beautiful photographic images on one side with activity prompts, vocabulary and extension ideas on the reverse. Made from durable plastic, any muddy splashes can be easily washed away. Each set includes 16 double-sided cards measuring 8″ x 11”. Age 3+.

Mud Kitchen Process Stones

Measure, cut, whisk and stir your way to sequencing success! These tactile stones show a simple image of a cooking process on one side and a related word on the reverse. Ideal for introducing key vocabulary, the stones can be easily lined up to show the stages of a recipe, indicate an area for a specific task or allocate roles. Made from a durable stone and resin mix, each set contains ten process stones measuring 1½-2″ high. Age 2+.

mud kitchen toy

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