Explore Life Cycles Animal Science Hatching Kit


Explore Life Cycles Elementary and Middle School Biology Hands-On Curriculum Kit for Multi-Sensory Learning! Our hands-on, animal science kit will be appreciated by all learners K-8.  Adaptable based on student’s grade level and learning style. Upper elementary school students will be able to use all curriculum while little ones and older learners might need more adaptation.

This kit includes:

Chicken Life Cycle Curriculum and Hatching Kit: Fun facts, a creative writing activity, worksheets and puzzles will get your learner excited about experiencing the amazing life cycle of chickens. Includes: Egg Incubator: Automatic heating and turning incubator for fertilized eggs. External humidity gauge also included. *Adult participation is required. Egg Candler included! Check the progress of your growing eggs with the ability to see through the shell. A voucher for 12 fertile eggs, order when you are ready!

chick hatching educational kit

Chick Life Cycle Exploration Set: Crack open this set of 21 eggs and see the day-by-day development of a chick. No incubator required!

  • Features realistic illustrations of a developing chick in eggs 1-20, plastic 3-D chick inside the final egg
  • Invites children to make hands-on connections to life science and life cycles
  • Reinforces concepts and related vocabulary with multilingual Activity Guide that includes definitions, chicken facts and a blackline master to label
  • Allows for self-checking and easy organization with numbered label on each egg and numbered places in storage tray
    chicken life cycle kit

Our Complete set includes the fascinating life cycle stages of the Butterfly, Ladybug, Honey Bee, Praying Mantis, Ant, and Frog.
These oversized, anatomically correct figures have been accurately painted and sculpted to show each stage of development
Each detailed, four-piece set is made of durable, flexible plastic and is fun and educational
Mix them up and encourage your child to place them in the correct order
STEM Accessory Certified toy can help cultivate an interest in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics)

Ladybug Life Cycle Habitat & Diorama: Experience the amazing life cycle of ladybugs! Ladybug Land provides a fascinating learning experience for ages 4 and up – and yes, ladybug larvae really do look like little alligators! Your larvae will get to work, busily eating, drinking, molting, and exploring the ladybug landscape. Once they’ve eaten their fill, they’ll find a comfortable spot in their habitat to pupate and begin the exciting change from larvae to adult ladybug.

Life Cycle of An Ant 

Educational Life Cycle Full Curriculum Kit – For visual and hands-on kinesthetic learning! PDF Printable Curriculum – Adaptable based on student’s developmental age/grade.
Fun facts, a creative writing activity and puzzles will get your learner excited about experiencing the amazing life cycle of ants.

Educational Ant Farm Curriculum Kit

Life Cycle of a Butterfly Curriculum and Butterfly Hatching Kit: PDF printable curriculum for visual and hands-on kinesthetic learning. Colorful and adaptable! Fun facts and games will prepare your learner to experience the amazing life cycle of butterflies. 

Your hatching kit will arrive in approximately 2-3 weeks. Expect packages to arrive at different times. Resources on hatching and raising chicks will be provided. The fertile eggs will not be ordered until you contact us to request them. Email us at info@sensorysite.com