Ant Life Cycle Hands-on Curriculum


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PDF Printable Curriculum – Adaptable based on student’s developmental age/grade. Just print the pages, games and worksheets that you deem appropriate for your learner! Upper elementary school and middle school grades will be able to use all curriculum while little ones and older learners might need more adaptation. Fun facts, a creative writing activity and puzzles will get your learner excited about experiencing the amazing life cycle of ants.

Hands-on learning tools your student can see and touch! Work on those fine motor skills and make learning fun all at the same time. Examples include super cute, ant life cycle miniatures that provide different styles of tactile input. Create a diorama or march them straight to the sandbox! Download the curriculum upon purchase and please provide shipping details and grade level for your child’s animal life cycle sensory box that will arrive in 2-3 weeks.

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