Yuckology! Slime Lab Science Kit


Learning Resources Yuckology! Slime Lab

Slime lab uses common ingredients found around the house to help children build their early science skills as they mix, stir and stretch their own magic slime, dough and putty creations. As they follow along with six easy experiments found within the full-color guide, children also learn the science behind the goop as well as STEM skills in color mixing, measurement and more. Durable plastic pieces are sturdy enough to make and manipulate play slime again and again as they squish and smoosh with the Muck Mixer, twist and twirl with the Sludge Stirrer, or test the stretchy slime with the Slime Strainer. This slime-maker set even comes with storage dishes that let children store their best slime, putty and dough for future sessions. Each of pieces also washes clean for easy storage so they’ll always be ready for the next experience.