XL Waldorf Playstand Curriculum Set PreK+


Farmer’s Market
Grocery Store
Lemonade Stand
Camping Tent
Puppet Theater
Log Cabin
Ship at Sail
Pirate Ship
Boutique Storefront

Anything that your child’s imagination can dream up! A terrific multi-sensory and kinesthetic learning tool for any learning environment.

Curriculum bundle includes two XL stands with three shelves(!) on each side, full arch, and botanical leaf playsilk canopy! Please note, this is not a climbing toy and shouldn’t be used for that purpose. Toy is lightweight so that children can take charge, rearrange and build on their developing gross motor skills! Wooden toys on shelves not included.

Includes educator-created lesson plans containing adult-led activities for students of all abilities. Terrific for role playing, developing imaginative play skills, and even introducing math & entrepreneurial concepts through markets. Consider providing students with a cash register calculator and scale too! Please email info@sensorysite.com if you require a sample of curriculum for your program administrator.

Thank you for shopping small and handmade! Please allow approximately 2-3 weeks for shipping.