A picture book created for young readers to discover the world and embrace diversity, alongside stickers with all the characters and a pop-up map of the world.

  • 30 fictional stories featuring buddies from different countries, followed by a snapshot on each culture, with fun facts and engaging activities.
  • 120 pages of fun!
  • Stickers featuring all the buddies of the book.
  • A pop-up map of the world.
  • The 7th most backed/funded children’s book project on Kickstarter.
  • A 2021 Family Choice Award and a 2021 NAPPA Award winner.
book of cultures for kids

Student bundle includes:

The Book of Cultures Coloring Book: coloring activities ready to be filled with ideas and brushstrokes!

  • Inspired by the stories and the characters of ‘The Book of Cultures’.
  • The ideal mindful activity for children to focus, relax and create.
  • Introduces children to fun traditions and cultural facts from around the world.

The Book of Cultures Sticker Book: 120+ stickers that bring joy and wonder from around the world! Because … who doesn’t love stickers? – All the stickers are inspired from people, places, animals and cultural activities from different countries, introducing children to the diverse cultures of our planet. – All the stickers are featured in ‘The Book of Cultures’.

Smiles Drawstring Bag: Our ‘We all smile in the same language’ drawstring canvas bag is the perfect, versatile bag for every occasion.

  • Features 30 buddies from around the world (as seen in ‘The Book of Cultures’) and a lovely message every child should learn.
  • Celebrates diversity and inclusion.