Sherbet Slime + Charm Toppings


YES it’s SLIME! This Sherbet scented ice cream Slime is every ice cream lovers dream. They look as accurate to real ice cream you won’t believe your eyes… or your nose! Every flavor was carefully curated to have the most accurate aroma of REAL ice cream to take your senses on an adventure to your favorite ice cream shop, enjoying your favorite ice cream with your loved ones.

Each 12oz ice cream pint starts out with our famous “Cloud Creme” Slime base and then we tailor each flavor to have a slightly different texture than the next, that way you won’t get bored trying out other flavors! Our ice cream pints holds it shape so well you can even “scoop” it to form a realistic looking ice cream.

Sherbet Cone Charms! The perfect way to top off your Slimey creations! Our charm bags come packed with a fun mix of charms & sprinkles to give you everything you need to take your craft & Slime game to the next level!

4 – Sherbet Swirl Cone Charms
Pastel Stars & Hearts Blend
Orange Sprinkles

Made in USA!