Robotics Challenge Mat


This robotics mat contains every element present in a variety of challenges. Features include varying types of lines, counting blocks in widths and contrasts, a variety of targets, interfering backgrounds, side blocks, aiming compasses, and a 70″ ruler (in US and Metric). Teaches skills such as Line following, color sensing, turning, and more!

Robot Mats are ideal for a quick and quality solution for teaching students robotics and coding. Easy to use on the floor or on a table. Saves time and money; no longer need to create your own course or place electrical tape on the floor. Fits in standard FLL competition table, measures 44.75″ x 92.75″. Durable, 13oz matte vinyl.

General Practice Mat ideas:
• Basic Drive Straight
• Basic Accurate Turns
• Combined Straight and Turn
• Basic Line Counting
• Light Sensor/Color Sensor