Rhythm Instrument Bundle


Global Instruments

Kit contains an assortment of instruments that all produce distinctive sounds. Combine drum and shaker sounds in your own style to create your own unique sound and rhythm patterns. Includes printed cloth bag for transportation and storage.

Kit contains:
Two Damroos (TD5901)
Two Pairs of Clave Shakers (CL5201)
One Pair of Medium Wood Maracas (MA7902)
One Den Den Drum (JD7201)
Two Ankle Bells (BE9101)
One Cloth Bag (TO3903)

Resonator Bells, 8 Note

Brightly colored diatonic bell set with transparent case. Range is from middle c”’ to c””. Bells may be individually removed. One pair of mallets is included with the bells.

Hand Bells Set

Hand bells are a perfect way to introduce kids to melody, notes, and rhythms. The bells are played by hand-ringing and are the perfect size for small hands. 8-note diatonic set of hand bells with a range from c”’ to c””. Song cards included.