Pink Calming Weighted Axolotl


This weighted plush is designed after the axolotl, an endangered salamander native to central Mexico. Measuring 26 inches from head to tail and weighing 4 pounds, our realistic axolotl plush provides a sense of comfort and calmness in times of anxiety or nervousness. This is an excellent tool for students who need a little extra help staying grounded and focused while learning! Students who have anxiety, ADHD and ASD can all benefit from accommodations and tools like the weighted axolotl – please reach out to if you need assistance obtaining these types of supports.

Weighted items provide deep pressure stimulation, which can have a calming and grounding effect on children who may experience sensory processing challenges. The added weight can help regulate their sensory systems and reduce anxiety, allowing them to feel more secure and focused. Additionally, weighted items can serve as a tangible source of comfort and security, promoting self-soothing and emotional regulation. These items can also enhance body awareness and proprioception, which can be particularly helpful in improving motor skills and coordination. Overall, weighted items offer a non-invasive and effective way to support children in managing sensory issues and promoting overall well-being.