Multisensory Montessori Scoop & Stir Kit


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Grab a friend or three and gather ’round the big boat for multisensory fine motor goodness and therapeutic fun!


Find a quiet spot and enjoy a calming & aromatic sensory experience.

Kit includes our favorite scented, kid-safe, aromatherapy dough! Multicolor rainbow rice and a colorful variety of non-toxic play sand, too!

The olive wood boat is big enough for sharing at 14inches in length and four matching spoons provide an excellent opportunity for adult or child-led joint play opportunities. Educator-created lesson plan includes fine motor activities and printable dough mats! Create an instant center for littles or soothing sensory input for older students. Kit makes an excellent set of tools for not only educators but also occupational therapists, mental health counselors and families learning at home.