Montessori Water Works K-12 Curriculum Bundle


Unlimited opportunities for student-led & open-ended water-based activities! Maria Montessori believed that children needed the freedom to explore independently in nature. She emphasized independence in children and believed a teacher’s role was to prepare the environment so that children can best learn from it. This curriculum bundle is perfect for younger and older students who benefit from sensory integration activities. All learners can benefit from the physical and mental health benefits of playing outside and using their whole body for kinesthetic learning. Sensorial work teaches children to organize their environment, classify objects, develop logical thinking, learn perspective, discrimination, and order.

With this Montessori inspired, outdoor station manipulative bundle students can: 

Explore physics and the principles of cause and effect! Learn about the ecosystem; watch waterfalls flow or create a dam.

Access K-12 Water Based Lesson Plans

Learn about hydrodynamics, water supply and conversation, groundwater and the water cycle!

Participate in a Sensory Excavation Water Activity

Work on improving math and science skills in a fun and engaging way!

The water trough is an excellent science manipulative that is big enough for older students and will grow with the young ones!

Flowing Water Trough Montessori Outdoor Play Station


Overall size 11‘ 3” x 24”W. Surface mount table heights are 28”, 23 & 18”.Components are made of specially formulated recycled HDPE plastic based materials that will not rot, crack, peel or splinter. HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) is impervious to insects and bacteria; requires no maintenance; is non-toxic; and is unaffected by severe weather or direct sunlight. The easy to clean surfaces never require painting or sealing and are mold and mildew resistant. Paint, ink, and other substances will not permeate the plastic, which prevents permanent staining. Also included Polypropylene Hand Operated Drum Pump, Rotary. Delivers 7.5 oz. per Stroke. MADE IN THE USA by Kids’ Station Outdoor