Mindful Steps and Leaps Montessori Kit


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Montessori-inspired numbered, wooden stepping stones for kids ages 18 months to 6 years. Included with each set of stepping stones is access to a 30+ page digital learning guide! Heartflow Kids and artist Miranda Gates from Wildflower Dwelling have created 10+ learning and activity ideas using the stepping stones and beautifully illustrated printables for the classroom or learning at home. Are your littles ones ready to jump, learn, and expand? Let’s go!

Mindful Steps and Leaps is designed to be used for balance, coordination, mindfulness exercises, imaginative play and learning! From full body exercise, to counting, color sorting and more, these steps can be used for endless play. Benefits include physical development, hand eye coordination, sensory processing, muscle growth, motor skills, balance control and more.


Most people know that physical activity helps children to maintain a
healthy body. However, did you know that movement activities also
help to build brain structure? Numerous studies show that the brains
ability to develop and maintain neural connections is based on the
movement and play experiences of kids.

mindful steps learning kit

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