Master Builder Magnetic Tileset


The 300 Piece Master Builder Magnetic Tileset offers open-ended possibilities, unique designs, and the most creative fun! DREAM BIG & BUILD BIG – No limitations, scalable to build as big as desired by adding more pieces to create the masterpiece. BPA-FREE & NON-TOXIC – Lab Tested to be child-safe and lead-free. Suitable for all ages (3+ and up) by one party or in groups together as a team effort.

In The Box: 80 Magnetic Backings (3-in-1 School, Hospital, and Police Station Themed Set) 14 Various Window Tiles, 8 Math Symbols, 28 Graphic Design Clip-in, 58 Clip-in Frames, 16 Craft Art Clip-in, 24 Equilateral Triangle, 9 Isosceles Triangles, 8 Isosceles Right Triangles, 5 Right Triangles, 4 Rectangle and L Shape Tiles, 16 Castle Clip-in, 8 Ferris Wheel Combo, 8 Quarter Round, Pentagon, and Rhombus 4 Detachable Large Wheels, 2 Expandable Windmills, 1 Car Truck.