Little Medical School Dolphin Kit


Discover the world of Veterinary Care with Echo the Dolphin, your child’s first aquatic patient from Little Medical School’s innovative new toy line – Vetopia. Designed for children ages 4 and up, Vetopia is a collection of imaginative animal care kits that blend fun with education, perfect for our aspiring, young veterinarians and animal lovers.

Echo the Dolphin is not just a toy, he’s a patient awaiting your child’s love and care. This kit comes with a tape measure and a syringe, allowing your little one to nurture Echo just like a real aquatic vet would!

To make the experience even more realistic, the kit includes a 2-sided veterinarian exam form. One side of this form teaches children what to look for in a healthy dolphin, bringing them closer to understanding the daily routines of a real-life aquatic vet. Your child can discover dolphin fun facts, turning their playtime into a practical field assignment.