Little Learner Montessori Station PreK-GR 1


Made in the USA for littles 1-8 and includes Lily and River’s Montessori inspired manipulative station and learning center!

Little Creator Set: Montessori influenced activity table for children ages 1 to 8 with intuitive 3-in-1 surface benefiting playtime and organization.

Little Stackables: A simple yet tricky balance game designed to practice shapes, colors, and fine motor skills. Little Stackables game set includes nine unique wooden stackable shapes and colors and one canvas string-tied pouch for simple storage. For ages 12 months to 12 years.

Little Matchables: The perfect solo or small group game to play over and over again. Little Matchables memory game is designed to practice shapes, colors, and fine motor skills. Little Matchables includes two sets of nine wooden game pieces with unique shapes and colors.

Little Numbers: Our hands-on basic math calculator is an incredible way to practice and teach numbers and math concepts. Little Numbers is a smart calculator tray with 22 math tiles and 18 colorful wooden counting chips. Use your hands-on children calculator to learn and practice addition, subtraction, and simple math formulas.

Smart Table Set for Ages 1 to 8yrs
3 Handcrafted Learning Games
Reversible Mat for LEGO® & Duplo
Dry Erase Friendly Art Surface
Two Removable String Tied Pouches
Includes Two Little Creator Chairs
Lightweight Wooden Table Lid
Free Read-Along Board Book