DIY Ice Cream Sundae Slime Kit


The cutest slime on the market complete with mix-ins! Ice cream slime kit includes:

Cool & Slimey Whipped Topping 4 oz: What a cool, Slimey treat! Perfect for topping all of your delectable Slime creations at home or add a little dollop to one of our Ice Cream Pint Slimes. Our famous “meringue” texture is buttery and spreadable yet feels so light & airy! Even better, it holds its shape indefinitely so it can be used to make “whipped cream swirls”. It’s also scented with a scrumptious light whipped cream fragrance that is complimentary if combined with other Slimes! Each jar also comes with 1 “cherry on top”!

Fluffy Goo Classic Marshmallow Slime: Have you ever wondered what it might be like to play with an ooey-gooey marshmallow? Well now you can! Our Fluffy Goo texture feels airy and light and with its super inflating texture you won’t be able to put this Slime down. Each Fluffy Goo is scented like a soft, puffy marshmallow, you will love how accurate the aroma is! Each Fluffy Goo comes with cute heart sprinkles and 2 faux swirl marshmallows that look so realistic.

Slime Sundae Cup and Toppings: Now you can enjoy the perfect cherry on top to your Ice Cream Slime purchase! This Make Your Own Slime Sundae Kit has everything you need to decorate your ice cream Slime at home. Sprinkles, chocolate chips, marshmallows and more! All securely wrapped inside the cutest, reusable waffle cone bowl. Add this to any Ice Cream Slime pint purchase for one kid or kidult to enjoy. Or if you are having a small Slime party, purchase a pint and sundae kit for each child! Included 1 Pink/Brown Waffle Cone Bowl with Lid Faux Carnival Sprinkles 10 Chocolate Chip Charms 10 M Candy Charms 5 Gummy Bear Charms 5 Mini Marshmallow Charms 10 Strawberry & Banana Fimo Slices 1 Cherry Charm