Gross Motor Balancing Path + Lesson Plan


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Provide indoor or outdoor exercise and fun while working to improve balance and coordination! This set is especially well-suited for students working on OT goals in the classroom or in the home. Our Edx Education balance path also includes complimentary movement-based lesson plan instruction provided by school-based Masters of Special Education professional. This set is especially terrific for students working on OT goals in the classroom or at home! Create an obstacle course to address multiple OT goals with one fun activity.

Cognitive Thinking Skills
Sequencing & Planning
Communication & Cooperation
Fine Motor & Visual Perception
Finger and Grasp Strength
Gross Motor Development & Safety Awareness

IMPROVE BALANCE AND COORDINATION — Designed with a 4-1/2” base for support, the Balancing Path components taper to a narrow 2” wide balancing platform on top to increase the challenge and fun.

EASILY ADAPTABLE FOR VARIOUS SKILLS LEVELS — Use this 28 piece, modular balance beam to create courses that suit a variety of skill levels. Also suitable for paediatric occupational therapists and other health professionals to use with clients to develop gross motor skills.

BUILT SAFE FOR CHILDREN — The pieces are made from durable, high density plastic with non-slip top surfaces. Pieces can support up to 110 lbs and can be cleaned with water and mild detergent.

ENCOURAGE CREATIVE, ACTIVE PLAY — Build many different paths by combining the straight and curved paths – there re so many options to choose from! There are enough pieces to make a square and a circle at the same time.

IDEAL FOR GROUP ACTIVITIES — Help to develop collaborative play skills by using this gross motor toy. Perfect for use in pre-schools, other child care environments, children’s birthday parties and when you want to engage in physical activity indoors.

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