Giving Kind Social Emotional Student Set


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Create a colorful chain as your kids complete 50 acts of kindness! Each paper strip includes a simple and fun idea that can be completed on their own or together. Once they are done can add it to their ever growing chain. When it is complete it will be a beautiful COLORFUL chain of kind deeds they can display!

The world needs kindness and we know it starts in our homes. Let’s start a chain reaction of kindness in our children that spreads into our communities, churches and schools!

Keep the Kindness Going… Once the chain is complete you can take it apart, one link at a time and start the kind deeds all over again!

Because giving doesn’t have to be hard, we created a new product to help make every day giving fun! A set of fifty-five cards with simple and easy ideas to spread kindness. Open the box and pick a card full of meaningful ideas such as, “See how many times you can hold the door for someone”, “Hug someone like you mean it” or “Thank as many people as you can today”. Simply grab a card for inspiration and go spread kindness!

We’re Lisa and Allison, the creator of The Giving Manger. Our parents raised us to notice people who felt left out. They taught us that kindness can actually change someone’s life. They taught us to notice opportunities to give even when we didn’t feel like it. It changed our lives and we wanted to make sure to teach our own kids the same things.

Giving Kind – from the creators of The Giving Manger

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