Felt Pretend Play Bakery Set


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Who doesn’t love dessert? This is a seven piece milk and cookie play set. There are a half dozen chocolate chip cookies made from a wool and rayon blended felt, and filled with ploy-fil. One carton of milk is made from wood, and is sanded and painted with a vinyl decal added as a finishing touch. Cookies are made from 3 inch rounds, and milk 5 1/4 inches at its tallest point.

Recommended for ages 3 and up. Spot clean only.

This is a wonderful set to inspire Montessori play, and induces real world activities like cooking, baking, and preparing meals.

This is the eight piece breakfast set, and it has three pancakes, one magnetic butter, two eggs, and two pieces of bacon that will bend and flex has child plays with it. All pieces are are made from a wool and rayon blended felt, and filled with ploy-fill.

Recommended for ages 3 and up.

About Nixon & Norman
Nixon & Norman was born out of the want to learn how to sew. To create those cherished and beloved handmade gifts that my grandmother once gifted me. In a world now dominated by screens, I wanted my own children to experience the joy in using their own imaginations and creativity with the toys around them. Nixon & Norman is a small business specializing in handmade fabric and felt goods. I am known for my play felt food sets, but make other items geared toward children ages birth-8 years old. I strive to create quality products that bring joy and spark the imaginations of the littles one in your communities. I also believe in telling your truth and giving back. I struggled to start a family. I faced many challenges and setbacks conceiving my two boys. Part of the mission here at Nixon & Norman is to give back to families battling infertility. Yearly a portion of our sales goes to a family facing infertility, or an organization that is adding families in this fight.

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