Felt Fun: Learn Shapes and Colors


Learn colors and shapes with these engaging hands-on activities! Match the huge range of felt pieces to the cue cards and apply them to the flannelboard.

How to use:

  1. Select a shape cue card and ask the user to show a matching felt shape.
  2. Advance to using a color cue card and a shape cue card at the same time and ask the user to match both (for example, a yellow circle).
  3. After mastering these skills, move on to the sequence cards that depict small, medium, and large shapes to learn basic patterning.

As an additional creativity-boosting bonus, this kit also provides all the necessary ingredients to create colorful tangram-style shapes and pictures.

This product promotes:
-Color learning
-Shape learning
-Color & shape combinations
-Basic sequencing

This set features:
-1 large flannel board base
-6 large shapes in 6 different colors
-6 medium shapes in 6 different colors
-6 small shapes in 6 different colors
-18 color, shape, and sequence cards

Made in the USA