Early Learner Magnetic Lab Kit


Classroom Attractions Kit, Level 1

Comprehensive magnet kits aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards! Investigate motion and stability, matter and its interactions and more. Designed for groups of 5-10 students. This teaching kit contains: 5 pencils, 5 button magnets, 10 disc magnets, 10 Magnet Wands, 15 ring magnets, 50 magnet marbles, 100 colored paper clips, 200 magnetic counting chips, demo bar magnet, teacher activity guide. Level 1 is designed for Ages 4-7 / Grades PreK-2 

For older students: Magnetic Lab Deluxe Bundle Ages 10+

Super Science Magnet Kit

Kids can’t wait to get their hands on all this magnetism! Compare magnets’ strengths, observe force field patterns, make a compass, and more. Investigate with a variety of magnets plus accessories. Kit includes: large steel horseshoe magnet with super-strong neodymium feet, ceramic horseshoe magnet, bar and disc magnets, plastic-encased red/blue bar magnet, iron filings, steel shapes, compass, cork, paper clips and multilingual activity booklet.