Dinosaur Sensory Path


Dinosaur fans… this one’s for you! Not a dinosaur fan… well you’re about to be!!

You’ll find the Triceratops, Pterodactyl, Stegosaurus, and Tyrannosaurus Rex ready to be discovered along with their unique footprints. These brightly coloured, top of the range mats are a great size for indoor exploration and outdoor fun.

Each dinosaur is conveniently labelled with the name to aid in learning. Set them out and let the children jump along the trail of footprints to the matching dinosaur.

Hide the dinosaur and create a trail of footprints as a clue for little ones to discover. Get the children to jump from one to the other as they talk about the distinguishing features of each dinosaur.

These are great incentives, as well as a fun way to get kids outdoors and moving. Perfect for practicing those gross motor skills.

20 pieces in each set
Made with natural rubber and microsuede.
Approximately 78cm for the largest piece and 13cm for the smallest piece.
Suitable for children 1 years and over