Calming Weighted Loaf Cat


Weighted tools have shown remarkable benefits in aiding individuals dealing with anxiety and ADHD. The added weight provides a comforting, grounding sensation, which can help reduce anxiety by promoting relaxation and a sense of security. Moreover, for those with ADHD, these tools can enhance focus and attention by providing sensory feedback that helps regulate restlessness and improve concentration. By offering a gentle, deep pressure, weighted tools offer a valuable and non-invasive method for managing symptoms and promoting a sense of calm for individuals living with anxiety and ADHD.

This cute feline is handmade and crocheted with love by Laynie in Kansas. Please add a note at checkout if you have color preferences, Laynie is happy to make the kitty resemble a special friend or family member. Or email us at when you place your order. Thank you for shopping women-owned and small batch goods when you shop with us!

Dimensions: 12in(chunky body)x5in(height)x5in(tail) Weighs 4.4 lbs