Building Literacy STEAM Curriculum Bundle PreK+


The exciting new Building Literacy Curriculum Bundle includes:

Endless opportunities for imaginative joint play and fine-motor handwork FUN with high-interest manipulatives.

Sentence Building and Phonics Activity Toolkit

Teach students sentence structure and parts of speech in a fun and engaging way! All materials are included. Practice reading fluency and storytelling! Lesson plan instruction included.

Supply List: Large Marvel Building Bricks, Animals and Community Figures compatible with large bricks. Masking tape and permanent marker for labeling bricks also included.

Building Block Activity Table

Excellent for addressing lagging fine-motor skills and providing adult or child-led joint play opportunities. Lesson plan instruction provided by School-Based & Early Interventionist Masters of Occupational Therapy Professional! There is room for multiple kids to play together while practicing turn taking and teamwork.  Students and clients will enjoy dreaming up ways to design and build imaginative creations on this full-sized building brick table. The included 200+ building bricks offer endless construction possibilities, and the 360-degree play space allows multiple kids to play together. Play with the table open so kids can create 2 play spaces or close the table to play on one large space. The pinch-free design allows little fingers to safely open the tabletop and push the building blocks into the center storage bin when the fun is done. If little ones aren’t yet finished with their masterpieces, simply slide out the 2 side storage bins and place the unfinished creations inside to be completed later! Made to love and built to last, the KidKraft Building Bricks Play 35.5″ x 19″ Activity Table is constructed with solid wood materials, so it stays a favorite in playrooms and classrooms for years to come.

Free gift with purchase! 790pc Classic Large Creative Brick Box (Standard Brick Size)