Build N’ Balance Advanced Gross Motor Set


Exciting and challenging balancing system. The elements can be combined in countless ways so use your imagination to set up all the balance courses and landscapes you can build. With the great flexibility of Build N’ Balance®, the level of difficulty can be varied to suit the development levels of the children and can be built at heights ranging from 10 to 24 cm. The manufacturer recommends these multi-sensory learning tools for ages 0-15 as it is suitable for any style of classroom or learning environment.

Set Includes movement-based lesson plan instruction provided by school-based Masters of Occupational Therapy professional! This inclusive bundle makes it easy to address multiple OT goals at home or in the classroom. These educational tools address lagging skills for neurodiverse kiddos and offer FUN opportunities for all users to improve upon the following.

Cognitive Thinking Skills
Sequencing & Planning
Communication & Cooperation
Fine Motor & Visual Perception
Finger and Grasp Strength
Gross Motor Development & Safety Awareness

This set includes 6 Top10, 2 Top24, 3 Planks, 3 Log Planks, 2 Bridge Piers, 1 Slack Line, 1 Rocking Plank, 3 Sticks, 1 Pair of Joints and 1 Tilting Disc.

Many students learn best while doing and these tools provide invaluable vestibular stimulation and tactile input. At The Sensory Site, we believe that all children (and big kids too!) should be provided a multi-sensory learning experience. Students on an IEP especially benefit from accommodations and equipment designed to support vestibular needs, occupational therapy goals and sensory diets. Please reach out to if you need support obtaining these type of accommodations for your student. PO’s accepted.