Animal Tracks Activity Book Set


Animal Tracks Activity Book

“Learn the Basics of Animal Tracks! Kids are curious about the natural world, and few discoveries stir their curiosity more than animal tracks. It’s a thrill to come upon mysterious tracks and learn what critter made them. The Animal Tracks Activity Book takes those feelings of wonder and delight to the next level. It’s the perfect introduction to some of the country’s most common and interesting mammals, highlighting their tracks with coloring pages and activities.”
Author: Ortler, Brett.

Hidden Critters

Can you find the hidden critters in these photographs? Animals aren’t always easy to spot. Some hide while they hunt. Others hide to avoid being hunted. Many critters don’t need to hide their colors match their surroundings. Wildlife photographer Stan Tekiela is also good at hiding. He hides from animals to take pictures of them! In Hidden Critters, the award-winning author presents his amazing wildlife images that prove animals are great at hiding. Look closely. Do you see the animals? Study each picture in the book, and try to spot the critter. Then read the clues and guess which animal it is. When you have an answer, turn the page and find out if you’re right! Hidden Critters is an engaging, interactive introduction to North American animals. Finding them is sure to become your family’s favorite game!. Authur: Tekiela, Stan.

Whose Track Is That?

Become a Wildlife Detective! Spotting animals in the wild is tricky, but they leave plenty of clues behind—especially tracks. Examine the evidence. Study the animal tracks. See if you can guess “Whose track is that?” Then turn the page to discover the answer. This interactive and entertaining picture book features the full-color photography of Stan Tekiela, a professional naturalist and award-winning author. With every reading, children get more familiar with a variety of North American critters. They might soon start seeing animal tracks on every outing! Author: Tekiela, Stan.

Whose Butt?

Get to the Bottom of Animal Butts. Butts are funny — especially to kids. Award-winning wildlife photographer Stan Tekiela takes advantage of this giggle-worthy topic, using it as an educational bridge to introduce children to facts about animals. Readers are shown an animal’s behind and asked to guess, “Whose butt?” Then it’s time to turn the page and discover the answer! Regardless of your age, you’re sure to laugh while you learn, so get to the bottom of animal butts with this wonderful picture book. Author: Tekiela, Stan

Track Finder

Easily identify the animal tracks you find! Track finder is a fully updated edition of the pocket guide that sold more than 300,000 copies! With this handy, easy-to-use book, you’ll be able to identify mammal tracks of eastern north america, from the states that border the mississippi river all the way over to the atlantic ocean. The guide by dorcas s. Miller includes keys to print shapes and track patterns—along with tips for comparing similar species—discussion of scat and other signs, habitat information, range maps, and cherie hunter day’s beautiful drawings of the animals and their tracks. With a convenient 6″ x 4″ size, track finder fits nicely in your back pocket or backpack, so bring it along on your next outing! Author: Miller, Dorcas S.