Tutti Fruity Popsicle Slime


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6oz scented delight from Parakeet Slime shop! Adorable popsicle treat topping mix-in included. Do not eat them! 😊

Slime Care:

  • wash your hands before and after playing with slime (oils and dirt can cause sticky slime)
  • after you’re done playing with slime close tightly in a container (air can cause stiffness and to dry out)
  • if you do add activator (see directions on how to mix the borax) , always do it with one drop at a time (over activating can cause the slime to get hard)
  • 4 if you over use slime.. it could become hardened to much air exposure , just put it in the container and let rest for a few days.
  • Sometimes in transit and where it is stored in transit could become sticky, but adding a few drops brings it back