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Social Emotional Elementary Anti-Bullying Toolkit
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Social Emotional Elementary Anti-Bullying Toolkit


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Social Emotional Elementary Anti-Bullying Toolkit. Teach Kindness. 

Didax Bullies, Victims & Bystanders Board Game

An excellent new game designed to raise a child’s awareness of bullying. Every incident card has been weighted based on the severity of the bullying so that children can see how harmful this behavior is. Children are encouraged to model good behavior on how to overcome bullying. Now, after a bullying incident, teachers can invite those involved to play the game together in an effort to understand what it is like to be bullied and how to prevent future incidences of bullying. Contains 1 game board, 54 playing cards, 6 pawns, and a die.

Bully Bucket

Teach students the difference between tattling and reporting bullying with this unique classroom management tool.

Kindness Mission Cards

Perfect for classroom activities, these cards share classified objectives, each one asking students to complete different acts of kindness.

Anti-Bullying Sayings Stickers

These anti-bullying saying stickers include phrases “Words can’t unwind, so be kind” and “Take a stand, lend a hand”. 100 stickers/roll

Anti-Bully Pledge Certificates

Stop bullying before it starts with these Anti-Bully Pledge Certificates. 25 pcs (11 x 8.5)

Ways to Be Kind Posters

An ideal addition to classroom décor and learning aids, this poster set reinforces positive values and teaches students about good character by espousing different ways to show kindness. 10 Posters (8×20)