Social and Emotional Development Bundle

Social and Emotional Development Bundle


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Emotions Pre-Cut Flannelboard Set

Teaching with felt is an excellent visual aid for shaping young minds. Felt sticks to felt without the need for glue or other adhesives. This allows children to move the pieces freely for hours of fun-filled learning and creative play! Teaching emotional literacy helps children with their social skills by recognizing and responding to social cues appropriately. Help children interpret their own feelings and emotions by matching “feeling” words with pictures. Actual photographs printed on felt. 12 pictures, 12 feeling words, 6 page lesson guide. Average figure 6″ tall. Made in the USA. Machine washable & non-toxic

Early Readers Boxed Set, MySELF Feelings & Cooperation

These award-winning readers help children develop self-control, build problem-solving skills, form healthy relationships with others, and identify feelings in themselves and others. Relevant stories engage kids with diverse characters and real-world connections. Supports positive thinking and self-expression.

Titles include:
Thanks for Sharing, Tommy
I Can Be Kind
I Show Respect
That’s Not Fair!
Charlie is Responsible
Be Honest, Jess
My Happy Day
The Day I Felt Sad
I Was So Mad
Don’t Worry, Mason
Are You Scared, Jacob?
Jealous of Josie.

Emotion Match Game

This match game is a great teaching activity to help students recognize different emotions.

Emotions Sticky Notes & Feelings Cutouts 

Visual support for regulating emotions, feelings and cooperation. The range of emotions these sticky notes express making them a fun way for kids and teachers to manage classroom behavior charts.

BBQ Emotions!

This large skewer helps kids recognize and manage their emotions. Discuss them while playing individually or in a group. Dealing with emotions as if they were ingredients is great fun, helping kids recognize and understand up to 10 different emotions. Several different kinds of game are described in the guide. This skewer will help kids learn to recognize and interpret up to 10 different emotions! The teaching guide contains 3 modes of cooperative game to enhance children’s creativity and work on the emotions. Includes 1 skewer, 1 base, 10 beads, 20 stickers, 10 game cards, 1 poster and 1 teaching guide.

Community Helpers Set 

What do you want to be when you grow up? Here’s a felt set of hard working men and women with the tools and clothes to let you explore many different careers. Make believe that you are a doctor, a nurse, a firefighter or a postal carrier and others. Learn their duties and responsibilities. 44 pieces (10″ figures): 4 ethnic groups, 3 men, 3 women, 22 careers with uniforms, 8 page lesson guide. Made in the USA