Tumi Ishi means “piled rocks” in Japanese. The act of stacking stones dates back centuries ago and is a popular ritual in Japan.

Stacking stones are also known by the Scottish Gaelic term, cairns. Cairns have been used for a broad variety of purposes, from prehistoric times to the present.

These blocks are tricky to stack and are a calming, grounding activity. A terrific mindfulness tool and excellent addition to any therapy office, coffee table or used as a very zen centerpiece.

This style of stacking block is Montessori and Waldorf inspired and our vegan stones are perfect for little ones. No paint, chemicals, dyes or stains. DIY these yourself or enjoy mother nature’s pattern via the wood grain.

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Set of 8 balancing stones are handmade in Kansas from a variety of hardwood. Please specify if you would like to include a special message and/or gift wrap for the recipient at no extra charge.