Inspire creativity and an appreciation for different cultures surrounding holiday traditions. Students will enjoy making art inspired by Kwanzaa, Christmas and Hanukkah. Kit includes lesson plan, crafts and all required materials.

DIY Menorah craft kit

This Hanukkah gift comes from the heart, and is designed to create a fun and inclusive activity.

Inspire. With complete creative freedom, this kit allows children to really exercise their imagination.

Innovate. With a choice of colors and the board as their canvas, children can create their caterpillar menorah any way they want!

Learn. Fun and hands-on, the whole family will have an opportunity to put their arts and crafts skills to the test!

Polymer Shrink Art and Christmas Craft Maker Kits

Introduce and explore the science behind polymers while creating festive art! The mini tree and maker kits are also excellent for fine motor handwork.

Kwanzaa Unity Cup Craft

Each day during Kwanzaa, a beverage (water, wine, or juice) is poured into the unity cup. Everyone sips from the cup to symbolize the unity of family and the African American community. After sharing a drink from the cup, the family discusses great African Americans. Craft kit includes wooden goblet, hot glue gun and glue sticks, multicolored beads, twine and string.

Free Gift With Purchase!

Bring the holidays to life with a fun-filled kit that grows a living Christmas Tree!