Ultimate 2.0 has an impressive parts library; boasting more than 550 mechanical and electronic items, it provides a comprehensive range of features and includes everything you need for realizing your ideas. To give you a head start and allow you to learn the ropes of applied electronics and mechanical principles, 10 practical and interesting forms of construction are provided.

Combined with the block-based programming software, Makeblock App and mBlock 3, Ultimate 2.0 allows you to simply drag and drop the function blocks to program your commands step by step, making the programming experience tangible and fun. Ultimate 2.0 is also compatible with Arduino, and can be connected to a Raspberry Pi, meaning you can build yet more interesting projects, in different programming languages, and achieve even more powerful robotics.


Makeblock STEAM and Coding Curriculum

mblock Course Collection – This is a collection of lessons that help children learn AI, Deep Learning and Python.

Sustainable Development Program – Urban Resilience is the measure of the capacity of an urban system to adapt to a changing environment, attain and maintain sustainability through all natural and technological hazards as well as socio-economic-political-cultural crises.

mBot advanced programs

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