Makeblock Robot Science Education Kit Ages 10+


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Expand the world with mBot Ranger, a three-in-one educational robot kit for both learning programming and having fun.

The mBot Ranger is an advanced robot for young inventors. Learn as you go technology challenges children to grow with their creations. The mBot Ranger can be assembled in as little as 45 minutes. Once your child has mastered the first robot, they have a multitude of options to design their own creations. There are hundreds of add-on parts and packages to help enhance your mBot Ranger or create new robots. Unleash your child’s imagination with the mBot Ranger!

Three forms for different scenarios: robot tank, self-balance car, and 3-wheel car.

Ready-to-use projects built-in Makeblock App for immediate fun and play.

Provide 16 chapters of courses on graphical programming with Ranger, helping kids to enjoy the fun of programming in various game scenes step by step.

Numerous online courses and guides for further study and development.

Lesson Plans: Teaching Computing

It’s easy to code the mbot Ranger from your smartphone with the Make block blocks app (iOS/Android). advanced coding software is also available (windows/macOS/Linux/chrome OS) and is one of make block’s most popular entry-level coding programs. Suitable for ages 10+