Ladybugs Counting Resources Curriculum Kit


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Let’s Talk about Maths

Children’s language development and understanding of math go hand-in-hand, so the best way to nurture their curiosity is to share meaningful conversations with them. This inspirational book provides over 40 enjoyable, practical ideas to support children’s growing understanding of all aspects of math through real life situations, within play and through adult-led activities. It has been written for everyone working with children from twelve months to five years or older.

Lawrence Educational, 52 Page Unit Study ISBN: 9781903670927

Ladybug Counting Stones

Ladybug Counting Stones are a engaging way to explore counting to 20, subitizing, odd and even numbers, and addition and subtraction. Each set of spotty ladybugs includes two each of 0–10 (22 Ladybugs) and an activity leaflet of related ideas and games. Durable and weatherproof the bugs are perfect to be used in their natural outdoor environment – perfect to be housed in a tray of leaves and twigs! Each Ladybug measures 2”.

Correlation to Common Core: K.CC.A.2–7.

Correlation to ECERS-R: Language-Reasoning – 16, 17, Activities – 19, 23, 26, 27.

Correlation to ITERS-R: Activities – 15, 21.

Ladybug Counting Cards

The Ladybugs Early Number Cards are an ideal way to explore early maths skills using the Ladybug Stones. The detailed, photographic images featured on the cards will aid the development of key mathematical language. Made from durable plastic by Yellow Door, the cards are tough enough for use in the outdoor area. Each set includes 16 colorful cards measuring 8 x 11’’.

10-Frame Number Bond Board

Correlation to Common Core: K.CC.B.4, L.K.5a, K.OA.A.1–4, K.MD.B.3.

Correlation to ECERS-R: Language-Reasoning – 17, Activities – 26.

Correlation to ITERS-R: Activities – 15, 22.