Grades 2-3 Science Library Book Set


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Rourke Educational Grades 2-3 Science Library Book Set

Science library book set taps into your children’s natural curiosity while building important science content knowledge as they investigate a variety of science topics. This wonderful resource for emergent readers brings STEM topics directly into your classroom to give your students the edge for school success. The interaction of text and photos supports and engages readers as they learn about the wonderful world around them. Book set includes Earth is Tilting, Studying Weather and Climates, Gravity Do You Feel It?, Zap It’s Electricity, What Do Critters Do in the Winter, What’s on the Food Chain Menu?, Plants Make Their Own Food, Seeds, Bees, and Pollen, Melting Matter, Where Did the Water Go?, Natural or Man-Made?, and Let’s Classify Animals. Book set is designed for second-grade to third-grade students.