Early Learner Executive Function Curriculum Bundle


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Executive functioning can impact the ability to focus, prioritize and follow instructions. Research shows that executive function skills can positively impact early literacy and math skills. When learning new skills, children must practice executive functioning in order to develop critical thinking. Students of all ages and abilities can benefit from improving their executive function skills! The early learner curriculum bundle includes: Lesson plan instruction provided by School-Based & Early Interventionist Masters of Occupational Therapy Professional! This set is especially terrific for students working on OT goals in the classroom or at home. OT approved manipulatives and tools provide students with invaluable opportunities to build on their executive function (life!) skills. IEP inspired progress tracking templates and suggestions for executive functioning goals included!

Visual Schedule Kit
Digital files, ready to print and laminate! Promote independence and better time management with visual support cards to use with visual schedule.

Includes: Digital files that will help visual and kinesthetic learners know what to expect, as well as understand what is expected of them throughout the day. Student should work alongside parent, educator or therapist to create a picture schedule. This will allow student to take ownership of their workload and feel pride in completing tasks they’ve set forth for themselves. Just print the picture cards on the provided cardstock, laminate (FREE gift with purchase includes classroom laminator and hot pouches!) and attach provided velcro stickers.

Classroom Calendar

A classroom calendar helps elementary school students develop skills related to time, such as learning the days of the week. Time management is an important piece of executive functioning.

Learning Resources Time Tracker® 2.0 Classroom Timer

Self-Help- Students can make independent decisions on how to spend the allotted time with visual assistance and reinforcement.

Time Management- The lights correspond with time remaining- green then yellow and ending on red to encourage and improve time management skills and ease transitions from activity to the next.

Math- Timer provides students with beginning math skills like order and prediction. Students can utilize the digital clock to reinforce numbers and calculate elapsed time.

Sensory Journal and Planner

sensory journal

This 2-Piece Set includes a multi-sensory journal and agenda that provide soothing tactile input. Terrific for students with anxiety, attention disorders and the need to fidget while learning.

Make journaling and executive function challenges a little more colorful and a lot more fun! This combo includes a journal and a daily planner.

The waff kalendar is a creative agenda that includes space for daily scheduling, mood-tracking and bullet-journal style note-taking.
Dimensions: h: 8.5″ x w 5.75″.

Magnetic Create-a-Space™ Storage Boxes (Set of 4)

Designed to stand on their own or attach to a magnetic surface, these storage bins are great for organizing your pens, pencils, art supplies and more. Bins measure 2’W x 3 3/4 ‘H.

Create-a-Space™ Storage Center

Create a convenient place for little learners to be creative! These containers with tray will help all your makers keep their materials organized. It’s perfect for classrooms and play rooms!

Wooden Organizer

Provide your student with a space to get organized! Organizer comes with eight plastic bins and lids for storing all kinds of fun stuff.  The top shelf is a great bench, bookshelf, or workspace and will support up to 250 pounds. Made in USA!  

33″L x 14 3/4″W x 22 1/2″H
Weight: Approximately 32lbs.
Birch construction throughout.
Assembly required.

Please allow 2-3 weeks for this exciting new life skills building favorite. 

All youth need to develop a set of core life skills to manage school, work, outside interests, and social relationships successfully. From the perspective of brain development, these skills include planning, focus, self-control, awareness, and flexibility—also known as “executive function” and “self-regulation” skills. No one is born with these skills, but everyone can learn them through practice.

Learn more about executive functioning: Building the Core Skills Youth Need for Life