Create Your Own Pet Hospital + Pet Puppets


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Your future veterinarian will love this craft kit! It includes the adorable 3D Paper Art Pet Hospital and the Create Your Own Little Pet Puppets set. Little learners will need help building as they work hard to improve their manual dexterity. A terrific activity for fine-tuning those fine motor skills.

It’s a diagnosis for fun when you create your very own pet hospital. Budding vets can first build the hospital and then decorate it using the stickers, furniture and characters provided. Once ready for business, you can help the little animals in the treatment rooms. Why not make your own paper pets to add to your patients?!

No glue or scissors needed


Make your very own pets with this easy to make puppet kit.
Just fold together the pre-scored pieces to make a cute cat and dog duo. There is even a fun activity sheet to cut out and create two fun finger mice. It’s the cat’s meow!

Contents: 8x card pieces, 1x instruction/activity sheet

Contents: 10x card pieces, 1x sticker sheet, 1x garden sheet, 1x activity sheet

Made by CLOCKWORK SOLDIER from FSC certified recycled card and paper

Age 5+

Product size when built: approx H26.5cm W26cm D19cm