Build a Giant Dinosaur


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An amazing reversible giant dinosaur model that you can build inside out and outside in!

This enormous Tyrannosaurus rex is easy and fun to make using the 33 double sided pieces. Build him, take him apart then build him again revealing the skeleton! Impress your friends by learning the names of each bone!

Once you build your dinosaur, the fun continues as the dinosaur is double sided and can be rebuilt inside out to reveal the dinosaur‚ inner skeleton and bone structure. Learn all about your T Rex, inside and out, with information about the dinosaur‚ internal workings including the name of some of the different bones.

No glue or scissors needed.
Contents: 33x card pieces, 1x activity sheet
Made from FSC certified recycled cardboard by CLOCKWORK SOLDIER
Age 7-12 yrs

Product size when built: W71cm H35cm D15cm

*Bonus Gift* This purchase entitles the buyer to a printable PDF, Sensory Site study guide complete with worksheets (games!) and answer keys. Instant download available upon purchase. Please allow approximately 2-3 weeks to receive your STEAM inspired dinosaur model kit. Study guide will be sent via email when purchasing through PO or Invoice.