1st grade curriculum
1st Grade Kinesthetic Full Curriculum Bundle
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1st Grade Kinesthetic Full Curriculum Bundle


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Complete Multi-Subject and Multi-Sensory 1st Grade Curriculum Bundle

Our kinesthetic curriculum is manipulative-based because we know that children learn while doing.

Moving from Kindergarten to 1st Grade Activity Workbook

Language arts practice:
• beginning and ending sounds
• read short-vowel word lists
• short stories followed by questions to show comprehension
• two spelling words to learn each week

Mathematics practice:
• counting by ones, fives, and tens
• reading numbers
• addition and subtraction facts to nine
• pennies and nickels

Language Arts

Daily Phonics Book – Teacher’s Edition, Grade 1

Provide explicit, systematic phonics instruction and practice in just 15 to 20 minutes a day! Daily Phonics helps young students, English learners, and struggling readers gain the phonemic awareness, decoding, and word-study skills necessary to read proficiently.

Week-by-Week Homework for Building Reading Comprehension & Fluency – Grade 1

Bestselling author Mary Rose has selected short readings perfect for first graders. Kids take these home with the companion comprehension activity and practice reading with the support of a grown-up. Easy tips for parents help them help their kids learn to read. The results are phenomenal! Teachers, parents, and students alike rave about this simple, effective way to boost reading skills. Great for building the home-school connection!

3D Story Starters

Never again will your students be at a loss for story ideas! Let their imaginations run wild as they fashion fantastic adventures with these realistically detailed miniature objects and intricately illustrated, language-provoking story mats. Just place the objects on a mat, and watch the words, ideas, and creativity fly! Includes 4 fun-filled, imagination-stirring 14″ x 11″ laminated mats (Pirate Island, Castle Fantasy, Big Busy City and Photo Safari) and 30 real-life 3D props that are interchangeable with all story mats.

Language Arts Learning Center – Prefixes, Grades 1-2

This complete, easy-to-use learning center is perfect for learning essential grade appropriate ELA/Reading skills. Designed for either teacher directed instruction or independent learning working in groups of 2-4 students, the learning center covers a grade appropriate curriculum-aligned ELA topic or skill making it perfect for differentiated instruction.

This ready-to-go learning center, allows students of varying abilities to work independently or cooperatively — students can use them in the classroom, after-school programs, or even at home for test preparation or practice and review! Enough materials are provided for up to 4 students and are a snap to set up and store in the pouch provided for years of use!

Science and STEM

STEM: Engaging Hands-On Challenges Using Everyday Materials, Grade 1

Provide students with grade-level appropriate challenges guaranteed to spark imagination as they ask, imagine, plan, create (build), test, and improve. In each challenge, students will be making sense of phenomena and/or designing solutions to a problem as they build a clearer understanding of science and engineering practices (SEPs), disciplinary core ideas (DCIs), and crosscutting concepts (CCCs). Each challenge is scaffolded from an engaging, and usually active, Introduction to the student-driven Mini Challenge, culminating in the Main Challenge where students put what they have learned to the test. Criteria are established for each challenge—but not an expected end result. Academic vocabulary, time frames, and formative assessments specific to each challenge are provided and most materials needed are found in the classroom or recycling bin. 112 pages.

180 Days of Science for Grade 1

180 Days of Science for First Grade provides teachers and parents with 180 days of daily practice to build students’ science content-area knowledge. The quick, diagnostic-based activities allow busy teachers to cover science content daily. Through these weekly units, Grade 1 students will analyze and evaluate scientific data and scenarios, answer constructed response questions, improve their understanding of science and engineering practices, and increase their critical thinking and reasoning skills. Each week will assess students’ knowledge of grade-level science content, and focuses on a grade-level topic within one of three science strands: physical science, life science, and Earth and space science. By integrating scientific practices, language arts and math concepts, disciplinary core ideas, and crosscutting concepts, this resource helps teachers meet Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and state standards in their classrooms. With these daily activities, students will learn to think like scientists in no time! Digital files are included.

Hands-On Science 20 Themes Book, Grades 1-3

Turn to Hands-On Science-20 Themes for 20 highly motivating, classroom-tested science units that help students learn by doing. Students practice the scientific inquiry skills outlined in the National Science Education Standards. Never has hands-on science been so easy to do. The complete teacher instructions make the units easy to implement. Hands on Science-20 Themes covers important topics from Life Science, Earth Science, and Physical Science.
Each of the 20 units includes the following sections:
Teacher resource pages: materials list, objectives, preparation, background information, lab book instructions and answers, a learning visual
Reproducible student lab books: lab book pages present the steps for each activity and provide space for students to write observations and answers.

Early Learner Magnetic Lab Kit

Social Studies

180 Days of Geography – 1st Grade

180 Days of Geography for First Grade provides teachers and parents with 180 days of daily practice to build students’ geographical knowledge and skills. Through these weekly units, grade 1 students will improve their geographic background knowledge, critical thinking and reasoning skills, map and spatial skills, and answer photo- and text-dependent questions. This essential social studies resource provides teachers with the tools they need to provide detailed instruction on map skills, key geographical concepts, and the five themes of geography: location, place, human environment/interaction, movement, and region. With the world becoming more connected, learning about different places through a geographic lens will equip 21st century students with the skills they need to better understand diverse cultures and regions in an increasingly interdependent world. An introductory two-week unit focuses on teaching the map skills that students will use throughout the rest of the book. Subsequent units will introduce students to a new place or a type of map, and will explore the relationship between geography and culture. This book helps teachers meet National Geography Standards and state standards in their classrooms. Digital files are included.

Create Your Own 3D World Map


Math Vocabulary Builder Flash Card Set – 1st/2nd Grade

NewPath’s Math Vocabulary Builder Flash Card Sets provide comprehensive coverage of the key terms in the current state and national standards. Colorfully illustrated, the cards can be used to conduct a variety of engaging activities and games which foster lasting understanding of key concepts. Printed on 4″ x 5.5″ heavy stock, each of the 200 cards per set features the term, its pronunciation and a graphic depiction on one side and the term’s definition on the reverse. The cards are ideal for use in individual or small group review or on “word walls”, bulletin boards or as pocket charts. In addition to the cards, each set also includes a Teacher Resource Guide with suggested activities.

Hot Dots® Jr Let’s Master Grade 1 Math

• 85 First-grade-level math lessons in these areas: Patterns, Time, Shapes/Geometry, Measurement, Money, Place Value, and Math Facts, PLUS 15 challenge reading lessons for advanced learners.
• Develops early math skills necessary for school success
• Offers confidence-building feedback

Missing Number Sorting Boxes – Grades 1-2

Featuring cloud-shaped cards displaying a simple math problem with a missing number students have to solve, this activity is a must-have for learning games and curriculum.

Introduction to Foreign Language

The Complete Book of Starter Spanish, Grades PreK-1

The Complete Book of Starter Spanish for PK to grade 1 helps children build a solid foundation in Spanish. This book provides focused instruction on numbers, the alphabet, parts of speech, expressions, days, months, family terms, and community terms. A Spanish-English glossary is included. –Introducing a foreign language to children opens doors to opportunities later in life. Featuring child-friendly activities, The Complete Book of Spanish uses high-interest text to support skill mastery, encourage learning, and help children hone the skills needed for eventual language fluency. –The Complete Book series offers an engaging way for children to acquire knowledge and strengthen essential skills. This series features activities that encourage independent learning and support skill mastery in Spanish, handwriting, maps, geography, the alphabet, numbers, counting, time, money, and arts and crafts. Each subject-specific, comprehensive workbook offers focused instruction and fun activities. The books in this series feature full-color photographs and illustrations that hold attention while children learn important concepts. –With The Complete Book series, students have the support they need for school success!

Bilingual Reading Comprehension, Student Edition, Grade 1

English and Spanish companion stories in fiction and nonfiction, along with a variety of activities that strengthen reading comprehension skills, make the Steck-Vaughn Bilingual Reading Comprehension series a valuable primary resource for busy teachers. Students who read in English, Spanish, or both will be captivated by vibrant stories and activities that include multiple-choice, fill-in-the-blank, matching, and short-answer formats. 11 themes, each with a fiction and nonfiction story. 22 stories, each with an English and Spanish version. Softcover. Includes 96 pages.


Bead and Cording Kit

Clear, stretchy cording and assorted beads. Great activity for improving coordination, focus and manual dexterity.

Professional Grade Watercolor Paint Kit

Art grade, high quality and highly pigmented water color pans. 3x5x1 inch package contains twelve watercolor pans within one metal palette tin with two fold-out mixing areas. Watercolor paper included.

Additional Curricula Resources: 

Educator Created 1st Grade Lesson Plans